The Secret of Writing How-To's

Be It Books, Blogs, Courses or Content -
There's a Simple Model That Just Works

Research shows that only 5 to 15% of ecourses are ever completed.  How To books, long form content, even (and especially) videos, all suffer a similar fate.  Early abandonment – way too early.

The result is a dissatisfied customer, a confused and likely demotivated learner, a lost opportunity to help someone achieve more.

But why?

Usually it’s a failure to deliver. In the title or the description, a promise is made.  Quote: “This information will teach you How To…”

The learner/reader starts thinking this is exactly what they want.  But it turns out, that’s not what they get.  So they stop and look somewhere else.

The problem is often caused by the author’s lack of focus.  Basic communication skills are

Most how to tries to do too much.  And the how to is more complicated than the thing being taught.  Sometimes it’s because they author doesn’t know how to do what they’re writing about.

Here's My Promise...

I’ve written a short email course that explains the quickest and most reliable way to write an effective How-To.  Go through the course and in five short days, you’ll have the secret of how to write how-to’s that just work.  It’s not complicated but it is a step by step process.  Leave out a step, and it won’t work as effectively.

I’m happy to show you.  Just use the button below to sign up and I’ll email you the first day immediately.  

Hi, I'm Ron Murphy - Welcome to "The How To Writer"

One of my clearest memories from childhood was the day I discovered that I could learn about playing baseball from a book. I knew books held fun stories and adventures — but how to play baseball?!

Boy in library with books

Suddenly, I had a magical key. It could unlock anything I might need to know.  I was so curious.  I wanted to know how to do everything I encountered.  From how to ride a big boy bike to, a few years later, how to publish a neighborhood newsletter.

How To books would show me how to do anything that interested me.  And I was interested in so much!

This site and my work focus on How To writing.  Primarily I create digital how to courses and books that show readers how to use tech and market digitally. 

Need a How-To Written But

No Time to Do It Yourself?

I can help.  Here’s how…

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